Panoramia provides the complete solution to turn every elevator ride into a journey. 

  • High-resolution screen
  • Laser measurement device
  • Control computer
  • Installation support and technical specification

As a result of the unique design, the installation works with all elevators, from all manufacturers. 



The product can be delivered with just a few days notice but the installation requires necessary arrangements to secure a smooth implementation and easy usage. Please allow approximately 2 months lead time for complete installation. 

We will support you throughout the process but some requirements are necessary:

  • Setup and implementation by local installation or maintenance provider
  • Internet access with dedicated ip-adress



Panoramia is offered at a one time cost. Additionally, we offer wide range of content and services to make your property's elevators a premium experience:

  • Brand compliant, custom-made visualizations
  • Complete on-site installation solutions
  • Service packages

Contact us for a proposal based on your requirements.